glasgow flowers

Unwrapping your flowers

Our flowers at Four Seasons Glasgow are directly imported from Holland. Your bouquet is made to order by one of our creative florists,  creating specifically what you want from our website online. When delivered your flowers could take 48 hours to open fully and reach their potential, this is because of their freshness, and means your flowers will last longer, just one of the benefits. Please ensure that if you are placing your flowers in your own vase that no excess foliage is in the water as it can contaminate the water, leading to the flowers are perishing prematurely.

Trimming you Glasgow Flowers

Our Glasgow florist advice on always trimming your flowers on arrival to maintain their freshness cut them at a diagonal angle to maximise the surface area of the stem so it can absorb more water, if you don’t cut them the flowers will dehydrate and the stems won’t take in any of the water. Glasgow flowers recommend that you cut off approximately 2cm from the bottom of each stem and remove any excess foliage too. Some florist might have advised you to smash the stems of your flowers in the past, however Glasgow Flowers, Four Seasons don’t recommend this as it can damage the stems.

Arranging your flowers

When you have unwrapped your flowers delivered to you, then you can think about displaying them in a vase or container. If your flowers from us are already in a vase you don’t need to rearrange them as one of our florists has already done this for you, and made sure your flowers look beautiful. It is important to make sure the container you are using is clean and then you can fill it with lukewarm water. Water that is too warm or too cool can affect the flowers, so its best to get the water at a medium temperature to ensure the longevity of your flowers. Along with your flowers you will receive a care guide and some flower food, add the food to the water before putting the flowers into your vase.

Fresh flowers, Glasgow Florist

It is best to keep your flowers at a cool temperature between 18-22 Celsius. If the room is too hot your flowers will wilt and dehydrate, if its too cold then they can be damaged, keeping your flowers in a moderate temperature will keep your flowers looking great, and they will last longer too. Avoid putting your flowers in direct sunlight or near to any heat sources, such as radiators, also do not place your flowers close to any ripening fruits as it will have an adverse effect on them and they will die.

Our expert florists at Four Seasons Glasgow would happily answer any of your queries to help you ensure your flowers last as long as possible.  You can call us on 0141 356 3620